Spill Socks & Booms

Absorbent socks are flexible tubes of absorbent material capable of absorbing and preventing the spread of liquid spillages. Spill socks are ideal for moulding around the bottom of leaking machinery thus preventing liquids escaping onto walkways and arresting the fear of slipping accidents. The absorbent sock can also be used to encircle a spillage either singularly or by overlapping multiple socks to prevent the size of a spill from increasing, making them a basic necessity in all of our spill kits.
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Spill Sock Sizes and Types

Most of the absorbent socks supplied by Spillshop are manufactured from melt-blown polypropylene. The EVO socks have a very low carbon footprint and are manufactured from recycled cotton fibre. All fit into three basic types and are suitable for dealing with any type of liquid.

Sock Type

There are three types of absorbent sock available, chemical socks, oil & fuel socks and general purpose & EVO socks. Each have differing abilities to absorb different liquid types and are broken down as follows:-

General Purpose & EVO socks and booms are suitable for solvents, oil & fuels, non-corrosive liquids, common fluids and water based fluids.
Oil & Fuel socks and booms are suitable for solvents, oil & fuels and some common fluids (will repel water based fluids).
Chemicalsocks and booms are suitable for chemicals, hazardous liquids, solvents, oil & fuels, common fluids and water based fluids.

A more comprehensive list can be seen by viewing our Selection Guide.

Sock Size/Absorbency

All of the absorbent socks have varying degrees of absorbency across the range. All of them are 7.5cm in diameter and come in two lengths being 1.2M and 3M. Individual needs will dictate which length will work better for each environment that they are used.


Absorbent socks come packaged either boxed or poly-wrapped. Cardboard packaging is the more costly option to both purchase and dispose of but allows for convenient placing in the workplace for immediate access and use. The most popular choice of packaging is simply a transparent plastic bag which keeps the socks clean and uncontaminated until needed.
To aid quick identification of the packaging of the socks you will find icons indicating Boxed or Poly Wrapped above the text descriptions:-


The land boom is basically a larger and more absorbent version of the absorbent socks. All types are 3M in length and all come in diameters of 12cm. The chemical land boom is also available with a larger diameter of 20cm. More often these are used outdoors, but are ideal when faced with a large spillage in any environment. The absorbent capacities of the booms range from 30 Litres to 72 Litres and all come poly-wrapped.

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  1. General Purpose EVO Sock - 8cm x 1.2M, Absorbs 70L Pack Size: 20
    Part number: EVOS20
    (Made in Britain)
  2. General Purpose EVO Sock - 8cm x 3M, Absorbs 70L Pack Size: 8
    Part number: EVOS08
    (Made in Britain)
  3. Chemical Sock - 8cm x 1.2M, Absorbs 80L Pack Size: 20
    Part Number: CST20
  4. Chemical Sock - 8cm x 3M, Absorbs 80L Pack Size: 8
    Part Number: CST08
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