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Oil & Fuel Spill Kits

Spillshop have an extensive range of oil &: fuel spill kits, sometimes simply known as an oil spill kit. These kits are manufactured to primarily absorb all hydrocarbons especially diesel and oils. The unrivalled choice of packaging and absorbent capability means there is a kit available for every application. If your requirements are a little diverse, please contact us and we can tailor a kit to suit your own specification.

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The oil spill kit is colour coded white and is suitable for spills including oil & fuel, solvents and some common fluids. If you have a liquid that you need to provide contingency planning for and are unsure which type of kit to choose, please refer to our Selection Guide. for help. It should be noted that the oil &: fuel spill kits will repel water and water based fluids. If you need a spill kit that will absorb water or water based liquids you will need to view our general purpose range of spill kits.

The large range of oil & fuel spill kits are mostly packaged in highly visible yellow waterproof containers. Where this is not the case all the kits are quite clearly marked 'oil &: fuel'.

Our kits come in a broad range of capacities capable of dealing with spillages from 15 Litres up to 1100 Litres in volume. The smaller sized kits 15 to 70 Litres are all portable and can very easily be moved to the site of a spill. The mid-range 70L to 200L and larger kits 200L to 1100L offer some degree of portability but are mainly stored at static 'known' locations.

All the oil &: fuel spill kits supplied by Spillshop contain the basic components of absorbent pads, absorbent socks, disposal bags &: ties and a contents &: instruction sheet. As the spillage capacity of the kits get larger the number of these basic items will increase. Also further items will start to be included into the kits such as caution tape, absorbent rolls and absorbent cushions. Certain specific kits will carry plugging granules, which when mixed with water forms a paste to repair holes or splits in drums or tanks of any material, even when rusty or oily. Other kits contain drain protection by way of drain covers (also known as drain seals) to be able to isolate spillages entering drainage systems or watercourses, The largest kits contain non-spark plastic shovels to help in the event of a large spillage.

Spillshop provide an extensive range of oil spill kit to choose from. At the smaller end of the scale the kits are portable, coming in either hard carry cases, clip-top carry handled bags or shoulder straps. Moreover some of these kits come supplied with drip trays, a useful quality if your requirements involve catching drips from leaking pipes or machinery. All of these kits can be wall mounted using either the handle or the strap as the support. The bin style of oil & fuel spill kit cover kits ranging from 65 Litres to 350 Litres. At the smaller end of this scale of kits come the static bins with lids, progressing through to wheeled bins enabling them to easily be transported to a spillage. Static lockers house a variety of kits from 200 Litres to 600 Litres, whilst the largest kits of 800 litres and 1100 Litres come supplied in industrial wheeled trunkers.

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Why Choose

With many spillage products on the market and a raft of legislation finding the right solution can be problematic and frustrating.
In this electronic age we find many customers want old fashioned customer service, talking to a person not a machine.
With a huge range of products, expert knowledge and a real person to help and advise, that’s what we offer, pure and simple.

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Best Choice of Products

Some of our products will be familiar brands to you, where we can we also offer alternative better value products without sacrificing quality.

Best Customer Service

This starts with friendly customer service from a team that will find answers for you and respond quickly to your queries or problems.

Best Prices

We have sourced the best quality products at the most competitive prices combined with free mainland delivery to help you maximise your budgets.

Technical Support

Our technical support team are ready to assist you with all of your technical questions regarding UK spillage regulations and product ranges.

Whether you question is suitability of products, compatibility with liquids or installation advice on the products we are here to help.

Spill Shop technical support offers unbiased advice and can often recommend a number of alternatives for each type of spill to suit your budget, application or location

  • Latest Regulations Advice
  • Which product for which type of spill
  • Getting the best from the products
  • Alternative products advice

Who We Are

A little history, P.D.J. Imports Ltd was established in 1993 and has grown rapidly and now our customer base encompasses a large range of industrial businesses, large and small and a growing number of local authorities throughout the U.K.

The Government, environmental and HSE legislation gets ever more stringent and as a result businesses have had to become more environmentally aware with the need to implement many different measures to conform to new standards.

We have risen to this challenge and have expanded our product range to now offer a wide range of spillage products to cover all types of spills in all types of locations.

  • Spill Kits and Refills
  • Spill Containment
  • Spill Absorbents
  • Spill Accessories

Elcef Fibre

From the start we decided to focus on solving old spillage problems in a new way with the introduction of our own spillage control product.

Marketed as Elcef Fibre, this is a totally organic, lightweight absorbent produced from re-cycled waste materials from plantation industries has proved to be a unique and modern day replacement for the traditionally used clay granules.

Elcef Fibre has a number of key benefits over traditional absorbent spill products.

  • Excellent Vapour Suppressant
  • Absorbs 7x more than clay granules
  • Quick & Easy to Use - Acts Instantly
  • Non-Abrasive & Non-Leaching