Spill Kit in Wheeled Bin - 350L Oil & Fuel

Part Number: OSKL
(Made in Britain)
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Capacity: 350L
Weight: 45Kg (approx.)
Dimensions: 102cm x 86cm x 59cm (approx.)

1 x Wheeled Bin
13 x Absorbent Oil & Fuel Socks (3m x 8cm)
200 x Absorbent Oil & Fuel Pads (39cm x 48cm)
1 x Drain Plug (65cm x 45cm)
1 x 0.5Kg Plugging Compound
1 x Roll Hazard Barrier Tape
6 x Disposal Bags & Ties
1 x Instruction & Contents Sheet

The 350 Litre Oil & Fuel Spill Kit in Wheeled Bin will absorb up to 350 Litres of liquid. The wheeled bin kit is designed for portability and quick response to contain Oil & Fuel Spills before they leech under machines or flow down drains; but easily carried by hand. The unit has an easy open flip top lid, is extremely portable and can be moved to the affected area by one person. Ideal for drum storage areas in factories, laboratories, refuelling points and building sites. Tight, secure and leak-free container is ideal for outside storage. With the addition of the Drain Cover you can be rest assured any Oil & Fuel Spillage will not enter any nearby drains.

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Short Description Part Number: OSKL
(Made in Britain)