Spill Kit in Box Pallet - 600L Oil & Fuel

Part Number: OSKB
(Made in Britain)
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Capacity: 600L
Weight: 73Kg (approx.)
Dimensions: 76cm x 123cm x 104cm (approx.)

1 x Box Pallet
24 x Absorbent Oil & Fuel Socks (3m x 8cm)
200 x Absorbent Oil & Fuel Pads (39cm x 48cm)
1 x Absorbent Roll (48cm x 40M)
1 x Drain Plug (65cm x 45cm)
1 x 0.5Kg Plugging Compound
1 x Roll Hazard Barrier Tape
8 x Disposal Bags & Ties
1 x Instruction & Contents Sheet

The 600 Litre Oil & Fuel Spill Kit in Box Pallet will absorb up to 600 Litres of liquid. The box pallet design allows for wheels to be retro fitted. The easy open flip-top lid allows for a quick and portable method of responding to a Chemical Spill or leak. With the addition of the Drain Cover you can be rest assured any Oil & Fuel Spillage will not enter any nearby drains.

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Short Description Part Number: OSKB
(Made in Britain)