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Spill Containment

Spill containment is a term used for a vast array of products to prevent liquid spillages reaching ground level. From a Health & Safety point of view spill containment is aimed at protecting the workforce and stopping slipping accidents whilst from an environmental point of view it aims to prevent environmental pollution and contamination. Our products will help you maintain a safe and clean working environment and enable you to comply with all legislation in place now and into the future.

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In 1990 the Government published a white paper called 'This Common Inheritance - Britain's Environmental Strategy' which in 1992 lead to the publication of 'The Environmental Pollution Act 1990'. These papers and Act began to explore in depth the impact on the environment due to harmful liquid spillages. After the passage of time, in 2001 'The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations were published and after refinement became mandatory in September 2005. The regulations effectively made it law for any institution storing more than 200 Litres of liquid on site to ensure that the liquid was stored on some form of secondary containment system to prevent liquid pollution from occurring in the event of a container failure.

This all led to terminology such as spill containment, secondary containment, bunded pallets, spill pallets, bunded storage, bunded flooring etc. A lot of confusing titles for products that basically do the same thing.

IBC SPill Pallets

Owing to the ever increasing popularity for the use of IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers) we have a range of IBC Spill Pallets for their compliant storage. Available in single or double configuration, covered, stand alone or with raincovers you will find a solution for your needs. If you are unsure of the legal obligations for compliant IBC storage, please see our Storage Regulations guide and for further help refer to our Which Drum & IBC Spill Pallet Should I Choose? section

205 Litre Drum Storage

The 205 Litre drum is still one of the most common containers used for liquid storage and we have a large selection of bunded pallets for their legal storage. Our spill pallet range is extensive, so if you have 1 drum or 100 drums we have the bunds that you need for their safe and compliant storage. Available either covered, stand alone or with raincovers there is a spill pallet available for indoor or outdoor storage here for your specific requirements. If you are unsure of the legal obligations for compliant drum storage, please see our Storage Regulations guide and for further help refer to our Which Drum & IBC Spill Pallet Should I Choose? section.


Bunded flooring is made from gridded floor sections held in place by raised low-profile bunds. They provide drum storage areas suitable for dispensing, decanting and general handling in the knowledge that any spills will be collected in by the bund and unable to reach or spread over the workplace floor. Workfloor ramps allow easy loading and unloading of drums with a drum trolley to and from the low-profile bunded flooring. Workfloors can be used alone or linked together in any configuration to provide bespoke solution to your drum storage needs

5 Litre to 25 Litre Drum Storage

Safe storage for smaller containers is becoming ever more popular. Risk assessment and the desire to maintain a clean working environment is driving businesses to provide spill contingency for all liquids they have on site no matter how small the volume. We have a comprehensive range of smaller spill trays for this job in a range of styles to suit your own needs

Drip Trays & Drip Pans

Drip trays provide the basis for a clean working environment by preventing the risk of even the smallest drips and spills from spreading over the working floor space. Whether you need a large drip tray or a small drip tray our extensive range encompasses volumes of between 1 Litre and 120 Litres. With nearly 30 different sized configurations to choose from you can be sure to find the plastic drip trays of your choice.

Plant Nappy / SpillTrapper

Plant Nappy / SpillTrapper containment systems are predominately used outdoors particularly for 'on-site' applications. The liners within the systems trap oil and fuel leaks under a wide range of large and small plant or machinery whilst any rainwater is safely channelled away enabling you to continue working in the worst of weathers. The ground underneath the plant or machinery stays protected from oil and fuel leaks, removing the need to undertake ground remediation when the need for the equipment has gone.

Portable Drum Handling

Whilst it is mandatory to comply with the compliant storage of the drums, maximum care must also be taken with the safe handling of them. We have the best products available for the safest handling of drums whilst loading and unloading by forklift and also products designed for their safe movement around the working environment.

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With many spillage products on the market and a raft of legislation finding the right solution can be problematic and frustrating.
In this electronic age we find many customers want old fashioned customer service, talking to a person not a machine.
With a huge range of products, expert knowledge and a real person to help and advise, that’s what we offer, pure and simple.

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Some of our products will be familiar brands to you, where we can we also offer alternative better value products without sacrificing quality.

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Our technical support team are ready to assist you with all of your technical questions regarding UK spillage regulations and product ranges.

Whether you question is suitability of products, compatibility with liquids or installation advice on the products we are here to help.

Spill Shop technical support offers unbiased advice and can often recommend a number of alternatives for each type of spill to suit your budget, application or location

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Who We Are

A little history, P.D.J. Imports Ltd was established in 1993 and has grown rapidly and now our customer base encompasses a large range of industrial businesses, large and small and a growing number of local authorities throughout the U.K.

The Government, environmental and HSE legislation gets ever more stringent and as a result businesses have had to become more environmentally aware with the need to implement many different measures to conform to new standards.

We have risen to this challenge and have expanded our product range to now offer a wide range of spillage products to cover all types of spills in all types of locations.

  • Spill Kits and Refills
  • Spill Containment
  • Spill Absorbents
  • Spill Accessories

Elcef Fibre

From the start we decided to focus on solving old spillage problems in a new way with the introduction of our own spillage control product.

Marketed as Elcef Fibre, this is a totally organic, lightweight absorbent produced from re-cycled waste materials from plantation industries has proved to be a unique and modern day replacement for the traditionally used clay granules.

Elcef Fibre has a number of key benefits over traditional absorbent spill products.

  • Excellent Vapour Suppressant
  • Absorbs 7x more than clay granules
  • Quick & Easy to Use - Acts Instantly
  • Non-Abrasive & Non-Leaching