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Welcome to SpillShop - Your One Stop Shop for Spillage Products

Spill Accessories

In this section you will find many items that complement products from our other sections of the website. For instance there are associated products such as a ramp for a workfloor or a roll holder for an absorbent roll. Consumable items for spill kits and spill pods include disposal bags, signage, barrier tape, degreaser sprays and gloves whilst you can also find accessories for safe drum handling or a bag of cloth wipes.

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Designed to keep your workforce safe and a handy addition to any spill kit, the personal protection kit for use with most general fluids and oil based products comes supplied with a personal oversuit, PVC gloves and goggles.

Spill Kit Consumables

The absorbent consumables of spill kits such as absorbent pads, socks, rolls and cushions can be found in the Spill Products section of the website. In this section you will find ‘Spill Kit Station’ signage and replacement items such as disposal bags, barrier tape and plastic shovels.


Spillshop offer both paper wipes and cloth wipes. Low linting wipes are available for more sensitive cleaning and to replenish Spill Stations. Blue 2-ply paper rolls are available for everyday cleaning and wiping and to replenish Spill Pod Stations. The cloth or ‘rag’ wipes are ideal for everyday heavy duty cleaning tasks.

Roll Holders

The roll dispenser is becoming a very popular item. Available as either wall mounted or floor standing, they can be positioned anywhere around the workplace for quick deployment of any of our absorbent rolls.

Spill Pod Consumables

The complete refills for our Spill pods can be found in the Spill Products section of the website. Just hover your cursor over Spill Products, then over Spill Pods & Stations then select Pod & Station Refills. If you are using one particular item more than the others, this section allows you to find singular replacement items such as the Spill pod absorbent pads and Spill pod absorbent rolls.

Drum Handling Accessories

Spillshop offer a range of products specifically for the secure loading and unloading of individual 205 Litre drums as well as apparatus for moving them safely around the working environment. Forklift attachments allow for the safe handling from higher levels to lower levels, whilst trollies facilitate either horizontal or vertical handling on the ground. Drum funnels are available and are designed to allow oil filled canisters to be left to drain whilst the large surface area is perfect for decanting without spills.


Our selection of ramps are designed with gentle slopes for easy loading/unloading from the workfloor range. They are either dimpled or ribbed by design to create excellent non-skid surfaces. Robust construction offers excellent strength.

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Why Choose

With many spillage products on the market and a raft of legislation finding the right solution can be problematic and frustrating.
In this electronic age we find many customers want old fashioned customer service, talking to a person not a machine.
With a huge range of products, expert knowledge and a real person to help and advise, that’s what we offer, pure and simple.

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Best Choice of Products

Some of our products will be familiar brands to you, where we can we also offer alternative better value products without sacrificing quality.

Best Customer Service

This starts with friendly customer service from a team that will find answers for you and respond quickly to your queries or problems.

Best Prices

We have sourced the best quality products at the most competitive prices combined with free mainland delivery to help you maximise your budgets.

Technical Support

Our technical support team are ready to assist you with all of your technical questions regarding UK spillage regulations and product ranges.

Whether you question is suitability of products, compatibility with liquids or installation advice on the products we are here to help.

Spill Shop technical support offers unbiased advice and can often recommend a number of alternatives for each type of spill to suit your budget, application or location

  • Latest Regulations Advice
  • Which product for which type of spill
  • Getting the best from the products
  • Alternative products advice

Who We Are

A little history, P.D.J. Imports Ltd was established in 1993 and has grown rapidly and now our customer base encompasses a large range of industrial businesses, large and small and a growing number of local authorities throughout the U.K.

The Government, environmental and HSE legislation gets ever more stringent and as a result businesses have had to become more environmentally aware with the need to implement many different measures to conform to new standards.

We have risen to this challenge and have expanded our product range to now offer a wide range of spillage products to cover all types of spills in all types of locations.

  • Spill Kits and Refills
  • Spill Containment
  • Spill Absorbents
  • Spill Accessories

Elcef Fibre

From the start we decided to focus on solving old spillage problems in a new way with the introduction of our own spillage control product.

Marketed as Elcef Fibre, this is a totally organic, lightweight absorbent produced from re-cycled waste materials from plantation industries has proved to be a unique and modern day replacement for the traditionally used clay granules.

Elcef Fibre has a number of key benefits over traditional absorbent spill products.

  • Excellent Vapour Suppressant
  • Absorbs 7x more than clay granules
  • Quick & Easy to Use - Acts Instantly
  • Non-Abrasive & Non-Leaching