Portable Spill Containment

The portable spill containment section provides a range of products to either safely transport liquids and products that can be easily transported and deployed to provide spillage protection.


Instabund Portable Bunding

Instabunds feature excellent rip, tear and puncture resistance for the most demanding application or terrain. The lightweight but sturdy, portable bund range provides a fuel/chemical resistant containment area, making it excellent for decontamination applications. Available in 9 sizes.

Deployment is carried out by removing the bund from the bag and unfolding so that the bund is laid open and flat in the area where it is to be used. The side walls of the bund are held upright and in place by struts fitted round the outside of the bund.

To allow vehicles or equipment to be placed or moved into the bund, simply drop one end or side of the bund by removing the struts from the base and laying the bund wall flat. Once the unit is inside the bund, simply re-erect the bund wall. Once used the unit folds up for compact storage and transport. It is recommended that the bunds be used in conjunction with Ground Mats and Base Lining Tiles to prevent punctures. Decking grids can also be used where rough handling may apply.

Overpack Drums

Overpack salvage drums are specifically designed to transport liquids, damaged or leaking packages or any hazardous waste including acids, caustics and corrosives safely and compliantly by land, sea or rail. Made from High Density Polypropylene with UV inhibitors the units are strong and durable yet remain lightweight for easy handling. The overpack salvage drums have the highest ratings for regulated packaging regulations and will keep any hazardous waste safely and compliantly contained. For ease of use the units all have leakproof half turn twist-on lids. Furthermore, the units are manufactured so that they can be moved easily by forklift and molded handles allow for easy movement by hand. The 75 Litre unit accepts bottles, cans, and 20 Litre containers, while the 114 Litre unit can contain up to 60 Litre drums. The 246 Litre unit can contain 100 Litre drums, while the 360 Litre unit can contain up to 205 Litre drums.

Prowler Pop-Up Containment Pools

Prowler Pop-up Pools offer excellent resistance to the widest range of chemicals, acids, fuels, and other hazardous materials. Lightweight, compact and easily portable makes the Prowler Pool excellent for immediate spill response. They are also resistant to abrasions, punctures, UV Rays, and cold temperatures as low as -51? C. They are also small enough when packed to easily fit into spill kits. Available in 4 sizes.

Plant Nappy & Spilltector

Plant Nappy / SpillTector containment systems trap oil and fuel leaks under a wide range of large and small plant or machinery. Rainwater is not absorbed and is safely channelled away enabling you to continue working in the worst of weathers. The ground underneath the plant or machinery stays protected from oil and fuel leaks, removing the need to undertake ground remediation when the need for the equipment has gone.

The SpillTector is a 2 piece product designed to provide on-site spill and leak containment for medium sized plant equipment and machinery. The removable inner mat is uniquely designed to absorb and lock in hydrocarbon spills, whilst the perforated flexible tray provides housing of the mat and allows rainwater to drain away. Both items are lightweight, user-friendly and can be used in all weather conditions. Rainwater simply runs through the unit, whilst any oil or fuel remain trapped inside the highly absorbent laminate layers of the liner. The tray side walls are flexible allowing plant and machinery to be wheeled into place easily. The top layer of the SpillTector mat is made from a tough durable plastic mesh, allowing the unit to deal with the most rigorous tasks. Replaceable liners are available for when they have become saturated (shown below), extending the life of the unit.

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  1. InstaBund INB22 - 100x100x25cm - 250L Capacity Dimensions:- 100cm x 100cm x 25cm Capacity:- 250 Litres
  2. InstaBund INB24 - 100x200x25cm - 500L Capacity Dimensions:- 100cm x 200cm x 25cm Capacity:- 500 Litres
  3. InstaBund INB33 - 150x150x25cm - 562L Capacity Dimensions:- 150cm x 150cm x 25cm Capacity:- 562 Litres
  4. InstaBund INB44 - 200x200x25cm - 1000L Capacity Dimensions:- 200cm x 200cm x 25cm Capacity:- 1000 Litres
  5. InstaBund INB47 - 200x350x25cm - 1750L Capacity Dimensions:- 200cm x 350cm x 25cm Capacity:- 1750 Litres
  6. InstaBund INB56 - 250x300x25cm - 1875L Capacity Dimensions:- 250cm x 300cm x 25cm Capacity:- 1875 Litres
  7. InstaBund INB68 - 300x400x25cm - 3000L Capacity Dimensions:- 300cm x 400cm x 25cm Capacity:- 3000 Litres
  8. InstaBund INB79 - 350x450x25cm - 3937L Capacity Dimensions:- 350cm x 450cm x 25cm Capacity:- 3937 Litres
  9. InstaBund INB512 - 250x600x25cm - 3750L Capacity Dimensions:- 250cm x 600cm x 25cm Capacity:- 3750 Litres
  10. Poly Overpack Drums Part Number: OVR

    Starting at £81.00

  11. SpillTector - Small Part Number: ST-SML
    (Made in Britain)
  12. SpillTector Liner - Small (2 pack) Pack Size: 2
    Part Number: ST-MAT-SML/2
    (Made in Britain)
  13. SpillTector - Medium Part Number: ST-MED
    (Made in Britain)
  14. SpillTector Liner - Medium (2 pack) Pack Size: 2
    Part Number: ST-MAT-MED/2
    (Made in Britain)
  15. SpillTector - Large Part Number: ST-LGE
    (Made in Britain)
  16. SpillTector Liner - Large (2 pack) Pack Size: 2
    Part Number: ST-MAT-LGE/2
    (Made in Britain)
  17. SpillTector - Extra Large Part Number: ST-XL
    (Made in Britain)
  18. SpillTector Liner - Extra Large (2 pack) Pack Size: 2
    Part Number: ST-MAT-XL/2
    (Made in Britain)
  19. Plant Nappy - Small Part Number: PN01
    (Made in Britain)
  20. Plant Nappy Liner - Small (5 pack) Pack Size: 5
    Part Number: NL01
    (Made in Britain)
  21. Plant Nappy - Medium Part Number: PN02
    (Made in Britain)
  22. Plant Nappy Liner - Medium (5 pack) Pack Size: 5
    Part Number: NL02
    (Made in Britain)
  23. Plant Nappy - Large Part Number: PN03
    (Made in Britain)
  24. Plant Nappy Liner - Large (2 pack) Pack Size: 2
    Part Number: NL03
    (Made in Britain)
  25. Prowler Spill Pool Part Number: PSP

    Starting at £160.00

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