205L Bunds

Spill pallets or bunded pallets as they are also known are a mandatory requirement if you store more than 200 Litres of liquid on site. The 205 Litre drum whether plastic or steel is still one of the most popular sizes of liquid container used. Our range of spill pallets provide for the safe and compliant storage of this size of drum. Manufactured to hold 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 drums at a time you will find one to suit your requirements. All bunded pallets from Spillshop are UK manufactured


Storage Regulations

The sales of bunded pallets soared in the years after the implementation of the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations came into force in September 2005. It became no longer acceptable to store containerised liquids on the floor. Protection of the workforce and the environment now became mandatory. For an overview of these regulations, please see our Spillage Regulations guide

Upright Storage

Spillshop have a diverse array of products for the safe and compliant storage of all your 205 Litre drums. All spill pallets supplied by Spillshop are manufactured from Polyethylene making them durable and strong yet still able to cope with most chemicals. They come in many shapes and sizes so you should always be able to find a solution to suit your individual requirements. If you're are storing your drums outside and not under cover you will need to protect the spill pallets from collecting rainwater. This can be achieved quite simply by using one of our raincovers. These are available for our 2 drum, 8 drum and one of our 4 drum bund pallets. Some spill pallets come manufactured with their own framework and covers, these are available for 2 drum, 3 drum, 4 drum and 8 drum configurations and can be found in our 205 Litre Drum Covered Storage section.

Horizontal Storage

If you need to store your drums horizontally to be able to decant from them we have a selection of products that will allow you to do this in a safe and compliant way. We have a lay flat solution for 1, 2, 3, and 4 drums. Whichever configuration you choose, the base unit is designed to house a pail or collection container under the drum outlet, yet still within the confines of the bund. This means that any drips, leaks or spills will never reach outside of the bund, giving a practical and compliant solution to keeping workfloors clean whilst also eliminating slipping hazards.

Instabund Portable Bunding

Instabunds feature excellent rip, tear and puncture resistance for the most demanding application or terrain. The lightweight but sturdy, portable bund range provides a fuel/chemical resistant containment area, making it excellent for decontamination applications. Available in 9 sizes.

Deployment is carried out by removing the bund from the bag and unfolding so that the bund is laid open and flat in the area where it is to be used. The side walls of the bund are held upright and in place by struts fitted round the outside of the bund.

To allow vehicles or equipment to be placed or moved into the bund, simply drop one end or side of the bund by removing the struts from the base and laying the bund wall flat. Once the unit is inside the bund, simply re-erect the bund wall. Once used the unit folds up for compact storage and transport. It is recommended that the bunds be used in conjunction with Ground Mats and Base Lining Tiles to prevent punctures. Decking grids can also be used where rough handling may apply

Plant Nappy & Spilltector

Plant Nappy / SpillTector containment systems trap oil and fuel leaks under a wide range of large and small plant or machinery. Rainwater is not absorbed and is safely channelled away enabling you to continue working in the worst of weathers. The ground underneath the plant or machinery stays protected from oil and fuel leaks, removing the need to undertake ground remediation when the need for the equipment has gone.

The SpillTector is a 2 piece product designed to provide on-site spill and leak containment for medium sized plant equipment and machinery. The removable inner mat is uniquely designed to absorb and lock in hydrocarbon spills, whilst the perforated flexible tray provides housing of the mat and allows rainwater to drain away. Both items are lightweight, user-friendly and can be used in all weather conditions. Rainwater simply runs through the unit, whilst any oil or fuel remain trapped inside the highly absorbent laminate layers of the liner. The tray side walls are flexible allowing plant and machinery to be wheeled into place easily. The top layer of the SpillTector mat is made from a tough durable plastic mesh, allowing the unit to deal with the most rigorous tasks. Replaceable liners are available for when they have become saturated (shown below), extending the life of the unit.

Drum Trolley, Bund Trolley & Spill Scooter

We have a few different products to safely transport 205 Litre drums around the workplace. The spill scooter and bund trolley allow movement of drums in the vertical position, handy for dispensing operations across the factory floor. The drum dolly is specifically designed for the fully compliant storage and transport of a single 205 Litre drum in the horizontal position. There is an extensive dispensing well for buckets or smaller containers to be placed for decanting purposes. The unit can be loaded, transported and unloaded by one person.


Spillshop have a range of bunded workfloors for the compliant storage of 2, 4, 6, or 8 drums and because of the flexibility of design can be arranged in a configuration of your own design.
They are an invaluable addition to storage areas, workshops, mixing rooms and factory floors.

Anywhere where you need to dispense, mix, fill, transfer liquids or wash down and clean parts you can create a liquid handling workstation with our bunded flooring. All of our bunded workfloors are made from Polyethylene giving them incredible strength and durability combined with excellent chemical resistance. Heavy duty removable grids allow easy access for any cleaning tasks and means the whole unit cannot rust or corrode.

Owing to the low profile design of our bunded flooring range they can be accessed by a drum trolley using one of our ramps. This makes them an ideal compliant solution for businesses that do not have the need for forklifts. All in all the bunded workfloor provides a versatile easy to install secondary containment system at a sensible price.

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  1. Bund Pallet - 1 Drum with Frame & Cover Part Number: BPFE1FRCO
    (Made in Britain)
  2. Bund Pallet - 1 Drum Part Number: BPFE1
    (Made in Britain)
  3. Waste Oil Collection Pallet - 1 Drum Part Number: BT4/200
    (Made in Britain)
  4. Bund Pallet - 2 Drum with Frame & Cover Part Number: BPFE2FRCO
    (Made in Britain)
  5. Bund Pallet - 2 Drum Part Number: BPFE2
    (Made in Britain)
  6. Rain Cover for BPFE2 Part Number: BPFE2/RC
    (Made in Britain)
  7. Bund Pallet - 2 Drum - Low Profile Part Number: EVO-SP2
    (Made in Britain)
  8. Bund Pallet - 3 Drum Part Number: BP3
    (Made in Britain)
  9. Bund Pallet - 4 Drum with Frame & Cover Part Number: BPFE4FRCO
    (Made in Britain)
  10. Bund Pallet - 4 Drum Part Number: BPFE4
    (Made in Britain)
  11. Rain Cover for BPFE4 Part Number: BPFE4/RC
    (Made in Britain)
  12. Bund Pallet - 4 Drum - Low Profile Part Number: EVO-SP4
    (Made in Britain)
  13. Bund Pallet - 4 Drum In-Line with Frame & Cover Part Number: BPLNFRCO
    (Made in Britain)
  14. Bund Pallet - 4 Drum - In-Line Part Number: BPLN
    (Made in Britain)
  15. Double IBC Bund / 8 Drum Spill Pallet with Frame & Cover Part Number: BBC2FRCO
    (Made in Britain)
  16. Double IBC Bund / 8 Drum Spill Pallet Part Number: BBC2
    (Made in Britain)
  17. IBC Bund Flexible Raincover for BBC2 Part Number: BBC2/RC
    (Made in Britain)
  18. Single Poly Rack & Stacker for 1 or 2 x 205L Drums Part Number: PS6

    Starting at £133.00

  19. Base Unit for 2 x 205L Drums Part Number: BDR2
    (Made in Britain)
  20. Base and Stacker Unit for 4 x 205L Drums Part Number: BDR4
    (Made in Britain)
  21. Stacker unit for BDR2 Base Unit Part Number: BDRST
    (Made in Britain)
  22. Vertical Storage Cabinet - 1 Drum Part Number: PSC3
    (Made in Britain)
  23. Hardcover Spill Pallet - 2 Drum Part Number: BPH2
    (Made in Britain)
  24. Hardcover Spill Pallet - 4 Drum Part Number: BPH4
    (Made in Britain)
  25. Drum Trolley for 1 x 205L Drum Part Number: BDDC
    (Made in Britain)
  26. Drum Trolley Rain Cover Part Number: BDDC/RC
    (Made in Britain)
  27. InstaBund INB22 - 100x100x25cm - 250L Capacity Dimensions:- 100cm x 100cm x 25cm Capacity:- 250 Litres
  28. InstaBund INB24 - 100x200x25cm - 500L Capacity Dimensions:- 100cm x 200cm x 25cm Capacity:- 500 Litres
  29. InstaBund INB33 - 150x150x25cm - 562L Capacity Dimensions:- 150cm x 150cm x 25cm Capacity:- 562 Litres
  30. InstaBund INB44 - 200x200x25cm - 1000L Capacity Dimensions:- 200cm x 200cm x 25cm Capacity:- 1000 Litres
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